Special Services

Over the past years we have completed many plastering projects for home owners and developers.
From small repair jobs to the lath and stucco of medium and large custom homes, including many new condominiums, all with acrylic or traditional lime & cement based colored stucco finishes and beautiful color schemes.
We do all sorts of repair work from termite damage, dry rot, water damage, window patching, resurfacing old stucco walls with color and moldings, tearing off of old stucco and replacing it, removing old wood siding and replacing with stucco.
One of the most important stages of any new home, or old repair of stucco is the installation of moisture barriers and the proper flashings to be coordinated with new windows and roof flashings to achieve a water tight home.
Many homes in the bay area still have the original interior lath and plaster on the walls and ceilings. we have the "Know How" and skills to replace that bulged and cracked area on your dining room ceiling and bring it back to it's original smooth plastered trowel finish.
So do call and let me give you the best advice and approach to your project.
We use a variety of different plastering materials and accessories, all depending on what you require for your needs.
We use 100% acrylic finish products, to many cement and lime based finishes you may desire.
For very damp areas you may live in I can install zinc coated to stainless steel or plastic accessories to your home to prevent any possibilities of rusting to your corners or soffit overhangs.
In the end it is what you require, we can only give you our sound advice regarding where your home is situated and share our knowledge and skills with you.
Some advice I would like to leave you with, when making that call to a contractor for a bid.
Always make sure the company is licensed bonded and fully insured I am sure you will not regret taking that step, any contractor that has taken those steps show that they care and  want to have a firm proffesional relationship with you while working on your project large or small.
This link below is easy to follow regarding the status of a contractor you may wish to hire.

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