Colors & Textures

Many of our clients prefer a maintenance free stucco product on the exterior of there home.
This can be achieved with an acrylic, or cement and lime based product with many colors to choose from. We have the standard color charts to a premium life style collection, and even a custom color of your choice from any paint color charts. We will get the color of your choice.
Textures, which there are many to choose from, can enhance the color on your home.  We can also work with you to come up with a texture of your own design.
To assure you of a job well finished we provide on the job color and textured samples large enough for you to get a good picture of what you desire.
Of course you also have the choice of visiting any of our stucco projects as seen on our portfolio, which I highly recommend for making your final decisions.
To your right is a compilation of textures to give you an idea to start with .
All stucco finishes can also be painted.
We are EPA CERTIFIED , if you are doing a repair on your home either on the interior or exterior of a house built before 1978 it is certain that you have lead in your painted surfaces.
We are qualified and trained to safely remove this hazard to you, your children and pets.
By following a number of rules and regulations under the new California law let us take care of this inexpensive hurdle for you.
If you have any questions regarding this new law, please call or email
Fin,     415 710 2542     finod07@yahoo.com
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